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( -/- )
14.6.11 15:47
Having been involved in the No Nukes Campaign during the 80's, there were many reasons to abandoned nukes then as there is now. Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy have a big major problem with disposal of the waste. There is no safe way to dispose of the waste or secure it from the wrong potential hands and minds.

In addition, nukes require vast amounts of energy for the enrichment process from other non-green sources. So, what are we really gaining? And no private entity is financing these nuclear plants in its entirety. They are relying on a massive infusion of government funds, ie. citizens taxes, to finance their schemes. In addition, private financiers want assurances that their liabilities are limited. Why?

Here we are 75 years later still having this debate while we easily forget Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Kyshtym, Windscale, Tokaimura and now Fukushima. It comes to a simpler question - If not now, when?

We have not learned how to harness the energy of the atom safely. Until we do, it must be tabled before the next disaster occurs.

( -/- )
5.4.10 19:27
Wow! You just figured out that your use of gadgets is breaking down or up relationships. I sent a friend a two page hand written letter last summer via US postal. And when she received it, she gave me a phone call. I can't tell you how elated she was because I put in all this effort.

I tell students I prefer to go the library instead research online. They all laugh, but then I tell them all the things the miss, like exercice from walking, fresh air, sunshine, the latest news in the neighborhood when you run into real friends and neighbors, or just picking up awesome elotes and munching away on a park bench.

Hiding away in a room behind a computer screen allows you to pretend you're the person you will never be. People are amazingly intersesting and good looking on Facebook. In real life, don't be surprised.

Life is full of so many wonders. Why are people wasting away so much time in this short life span absorbing so much useless information to be entertained?

( -/- )
30.3.10 01:28
In the US we will always lagged, especially with the green future. You see it doesn't fit into the 101 Rules of Acquisition as noted by the Ferengi's. We do seek a green economy unless that green is measured in dollars. But as the Ferengi's state, war is good for business. Peace is good for business. Following that logic, you would think that the American Ferengi would say, "Well hell, preserving the environment is good for business."

But you see the business circle won't buy into it. We are a bunch of "Johnny Come Lately's", who wait for others to jump into the arena, then using our power of the dollar backed by guns, we just buy them out and then resell the companies to make quick profit.

Face it, the polls show that those believing in a climate crisis are falling. The scientist lack a PR machine, the evangelists think god won't let them down, and the right wing just says is part of a cycle. Meanwhile, these idiots ignored a Pentagon report calling global warning a national security problem, this coming from one of the world's largest polluters says something, though quite ironic.

So, next time you participate in Earth Hour, ask yourself, "Why can't these morons do this all year long?" At least start to conserve. Simply, we love our conveniences. Since it really doesn't affect us now, we can put it off until some later time when we will be all be dead anyway. Give a hoot! Pollute. Use energy before it's all used up by the Chinese. Have some added fun, club a baby seal. It's the American way.

( -/- )
31.12.09 15:37
Well, mein fruend, I do believe that the blame does not fall squarely on the CIA, but on our expensive boondoggle agency, Homeland Security, which was suppose to be the bridge among the various agencies including NSA, CIA, FBI, military intelligence, et. al.

It's nice to see that our tax dollars are producing grand results. Next time someone at Homeland should just use the Magic Eight Ball to figure out the hard questions and a Ouija board to touch base with the dead souls sitting behind high tech gear in the various intelligence offices.

In the meantime, I look forward to the anal exam on my next flight.

( Email )
22.10.09 18:43
wow. the comments all feel so sad/negative to me... i'm more optimistic -and likely older than those who've left comments so far...

i think you have to remain curious about everything and especially the nature of reality to enjoy every phase of life and to stay young. You can see those who are, regardless of age from the spark in their eyes and their 'being present' in the moment. My mother was like that. And my octogenerian friends who never lost their excitement and interest about things and about younger friends' discoveries and lives.

AND, I think the most important thing is not to care or get sucked into others' opinions about you and to not identify so much with one's physical self. There is so much more. Love. Music. Art. Beauty. Nature of selfishness and kindness. And, sex... yes even that is possible into those ancient years! :-)

Still, it IS hard to adjust to being treated differently cuz of how you look and the assumptions people have about what age means. But then it's up to us to not act/feel the way "they" think we should. That's how the false assumptions and attitudes are changed, no?

Death is the catch, the unknown and the scary thing in life... but that is a possiblility at any age and we have to live with being aware of it. Can make life fuller.

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