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( -/- )
20.10.09 23:23
Well, my friend. The fault is not in the stars but in ourselves. Welcome to growing old, that "ism" that is so often ignored because we all will face it. One day we're hip and cool, next we're old school.

Growing old has its many aches and pains, physical, emotional and psychological. Nothing we can do about it except perhaps take advantage of the 10% discounts you are now qualified to use at local restaurants.

We spend our early years playing, learning and basking in the warmth of the sun. Then as we mature, we are forced to focus on some career and life style that will mark our path. We find we are stuck like chariot wheels in the muddy road and spend our time making our way in, earning our street cred only to find once there, you're finding how to leave your mark on the way out. Experience no longer matters. You become judged by how well you age. And your back to the beginning - pooping, eating, sleeping and basking in the sun for its warmth.

What bothers you most as you age is watching your bones turn brittle, your hair thin and gray and everyone you know starts dying. So, you discover that you were nothing more than a traveller, hardly noticed, soon forgotten only to find that in the end all you really needed was a plot of land, 4 x 6 to store your dustbin body.

Reality bites. How do we regain our youth? By having kids and trying to do it right once last time? Trying all sorts of drugs and tonics to fight the onslaught of aging? Staying in tune with the latest craze? Not sure....all I know is I'm going to eat some pancakes and get my damn 10% discount!

( -/- )
15.3.09 21:41
I find some humor here as it was you who encouraged me to see Saw I and claimed it was a great movie, which I found highly disturbing and difficult to watch.

Why are our relationships becoming so meaningless? Why do we have no passion for our fellow beings? I can't answer the question, but I wonder if it is all part of the brave new world mentality in which we find ourselves imprisoned.

We no longer have patience. We no longer want to wait. We seek instant gratification. We seek out cyber friends, instead of real world friends. We can't relate unless it is behind the facade of a computer screen. We have lost our sense of community, the personal human touch.

It is easier to hate than to love. As the Beatles once sang, all you need is love, but that too requires much effort. That's why we have pets!

( -/- )
12.1.09 21:21
Actually, Germans also excel at making bread and beer! But come on, a simple phone call in the US doesn't happen unless it is to my mother, who then wants to go on and on about nothing.

Every corporation has its bureaucracy, which exists to defend its preservation. If I need phone service, I have to listen to all the options, only to end up listening to more recorded messages. Oh hit the # to talk to a real person in India who is totally clueless about my needs and I'm still waiting another 20 - 30 minutes, if I'm lucky.

In my frustration, I'll hang up only to try for days on end hoping to talk to a manager, who is from some other part of the world and clueless. Eventually, I give up, suck it up and wait until I can cancel, which I think in the end is what they are hoping you, the customer, will do.

( / Website )
4.1.09 22:07
Well, I still enjoy holding a copy of reported news or articles in my hands, whether it is a newspaper or magazine. A warm pc or laptop just doesn't have the same ambiance as that magical print in your hands. Besides, I dare not take a computer to my bed to read myself to snoredom. A paper falls peacefully on your belly and slides off the sheets onto the floor without making a crashing sound. Also, a newspaper will never heat up your nuts and make your underwear stick to your ass.

So, here's to news print and while we are talking about the Danes, I enjoy reading the print with coffee and a danish in the morning.

( Email )
5.2.08 18:12
Hi Jan,
well, I see you spent some time studying German Carnival customs. As to non-funny-jokes on television and unbearable songs, cheating on one's partner and getting drunk (unfortunately my former home city Cologne takes pride in cultivating all of these traditions) I do agree with you. I do like the more political side of Carnival, though, (including the speekers) who are more popular in Mainz and Aachen, and I especially like to watch the guests of honour when they pretend to be amused but put on a very vexed laugh.

p.s.: The undoubtedly least funny carnival I've ever watched takes place in Frankfurt. I've been at funnier funerals...

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